Welcome to Senator Scholars

What is the Senator Scholars program?

The Madison Senator Scholar Program is a rigorous academic and enrichment opportunity offered to students at Madison High School.  The program seeks to challenge students to reach their full potential while at the same time prepare and support them for eventual success in college.  Students will also participate in enrichment activities promoting college options and scholarship opportunities.


Who are our students?

During the fall, Madison Senator Scholar Program is open to any 10th, 11th, & 12th Grade student who wishes to enter the challenging framework required by the program.  Students who successfully complete all components of the program will be granted the Advanced Scholar recognition cord upon graduation.  


What are the student expectations?

Senator Scholars are expected to meet the following criteria to retain their membership in the program:

  • Maintain at least a 2.75 Grade Point Average at all times during their four years.

  • Maintain at least 85% attendance at all times during their four years.

  • Meet all curricular requirements of the program prior to graduation, including taking at least three  college level courses.  At least two of which must be Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

  • Attend all General Assembly meetings and meet at least 4 times per semester with your mentor

  • Complete 5 + hours of service and/or enrichment each semester.

  • Complete and submit a FAFSA senior year.

  • Apply to at least three colleges and three college scholarships (including OSAC).

  • Receive no more than two referrals to the Assistant Principal's office during their four years.  

  • Participate in one + Madison H.S. extracurricular activity other than athletics, and two total, per year.

  • Scholars who struggle with these requirements must attend a parent/scholar/mentor meeting to discuss the possibility of dismissal from the program.


What supports do Scholars get?

Senator Scholars mentors help students set goals and plan for success.  Mentors may suggest study or literacy strategies, but they are also excellent at pointing students toward other resources on campus or on the internet.  During a student’s senior year, mentors help students identify colleges and scholarships, and they give feedback and advice during the application process..

Scholars in AP courses may participate in the Scholars Mentoring AP Peers program (S-MAP), which sets Scholars up with trained AP peer mentors who previously excelled in the same course and passed that exam the previous year. Peer mentors facilitate study groups every two weeks to help Scholars succeed in that AP course.


Susan Russell

Senator Scholars Coordinator

Office:B 10


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