Education Preparation CTE Program

Intro to Education

Students will explore education as a career in a course that combines learning from texts and learning from experience. Students will read and research the history of public schools in the United States, study teaching strategies and curriculum design, and explore social justice in education. They will also do classroom observations and work in classrooms in an education internship. This course may be eligible for dual credit.

Prerequisite: None

PCC Credit: EDU 100

Grade Level: 9-12 


Students in this course will work alongside a certified teacher in an educational setting (Elementary, Middle or High School) while exploring the field of education or child development as a future profession.  Students will be asked to work with children 1-on-1, in small groups, or with the whole group.  They will write reflective papers and/or journal entries about the work they are doing.  Students will create a lesson or project per semester that reflects their learning and present it to a small group.  Exemplary attendance and appropriate school attire are required.  Transportation to and from your site is to be by Tri-Met. 

Prerequisite: Intro to Education

Grade Level: 10-12




Restorative practices seek to repair the harm done to an individual or group of people by another individual or group of people. Restorative practices are designed to increase empathy and accountability on behalf of the wrong-doer, and restore, to the extent possible, the emotional and material losses of the harmed parties by providing a range of opportunities for dialogue, negotiation and problem-solving. This class is designed to build skills in knowledge, analysis, critical thinking, communication, and implementation of restorative practices and principles.

Prerequisite: Intro to Education

Grade Level: 10-12

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