Construction CTE Program 


Use hand and power tools to create multiple projects. Develop skills with hand and power tools. Increased construction skills including and creating your own plans. Explore the business side of construction.


Introduction to Carpentry

This course explores basic woodworking skills and techniques through project based learning. Skills and techniques discussed include: shop and tool safety, reading a tape measure, types and characteristics of woods, finishing, shop and tool maintenance and basic joinery.

Grade Levels: 9-12

Introduction to Construction

This course explores several industry vocations, including carpentry, masonry, pipe-laying, plumbing, excavation, electrical, roofing, insulation, landscaping as well as the basic skills and techniques needed to be successful in that career field. Such skills and techniques include basic construction math, plan reading, job site and tool safety, industry vernacular and industry specific skills.

Grade Levels: 10-12

3rd Year:

Intermediate Construction

This course builds on skills developed in Intro to Construction. Students will hone skills to build a capstone project like a tiny home. Students additionally are expected to create and execute their own building plans for various smaller projects. This process will emphasize cost analysis, building code compliance, appropriate material selection, and resource management.

Grade Level: 10-12

4th year:

Construction Management

This is a two-period course. Students will learn how to manage larger-scale construction projects focusing on resource management, human resource management, and effective business leadership skills relating to the construction field. Students in this course are expected to complete at least one internship per semester.

Grade Level: 11-12